Executive Director of Community Resources, Inc.

An entrepreneur and information technology executive with experience across a number of business sectors, Rollie Kimbrough currently serves as the executive director of Community Resources, Inc. (CRI) in Washington, D.C. As the leader of the nonprofit organization, he works to alleviate poverty by directing capital and human resources to high-risk communities throughout the world. Under the strategic leadership of Rollie Kimbrough and fellow members of the executive team, CRI worked with the government of Liberia to set aside 100,000 hectares of land for development.

Aside from his work with CRI, Rollie Kimbrough works as a senior associate with Focused View, LLC, a strategic market analysis and information technology assessment provider located in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He also maintains involvement in projects such as the private equity management firm PRO-CDE, LLC and the West Africa agricultural development organization We Care International, LLC.

In addition to studying at Youngstown State University and George Washington University, Kimbrough holds a master of business administration in accounting and finance from American Intercontinental University.