The Roman Legacy

Romel Tintero - IX/XXIV/XIV

                                             The Roman Legacy - Law of Order

The Roman Laws are the most important legacy. My reasons are simple. The Roman Empire is the father of the western world. What laws we have in our modern times came from the basic laws in what Empire we know, The Romans. Throughout the centuries, the Romans gradually evolved their laws... The first known laws that the Romans developed are the Twelve Tables. The Twelve Tables were the first known laws that developed along the timelines of the Roman Republic. It served as a constitution and the core ways of life in Rome. The original tablets were destroyed as the Gauls and the Brennus (barbarians) burnt Rome.

The ruined Empire stood tall as it was battered and broken by the barbarians vicious attacks. The western part of Rome rose out of the ashes and into life, The Byzantine Empire began. Justinian, the first, was the most important emperor of the Byzantine Empire. Justinian the First was the one who made pretty much a book of laws. Call the Corpus Juris Civilis, it was the law that gave the western life it's law. Those laws were the sole source of it's Empire. Many places took their laws as their own and edited it for their own. In the Mid-evil ages, the people of the time augmented the laws and made it for their own sources. This shows that the Roman Laws affected the western half of the world.

This is why Roman Laws is very important.

Justinian the First

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