Ron Eakes Is The Owner Of Two Large Scale Dairies

Ron Eakes is the owner of a construction company headquartered in Plains, Kansas known as Mid Plains Constructions, He established the company in 1979 and has more than 70 employees. His company has been serving an array of clients for more than 30 years. Mid Plains Constructions offers an assortment of a great number of construction services such as foundation repairs, asphalt driveway restructuring, grading services, floor leveling, concrete ready mix sales, general construction, and advanced concrete construction. He also owns three ready mix plants and is in the partnership of two large scale dairies.

Ron Eakes who is a well wisher of the society actively involves in numerous charity events and social causes. He contributes both his time and offer money to the most recognized charity and community organizations. He is an honorable member of the Lion's Club, which is a secular service organization having clubs all over the world. This club was founded in 1917 by Melvin Jones and is situated in Oak Brook, Illinois, US. It has grown in all these years and now has almost 45,500 clubs in over 205 countries. The prime objective of the club is to meet the needs of the community at both local and global level.

Ron Eakes is a part of other important community service known as the American Cancer Society. It is a voluntary health organization that focuses on terminating cancer all across the nation. This society organizes several projects such as the Great American c and Relay For Life. They operate thrift stores for raising funds for their activities. The society which was established in 1913, provides grants to researchers and handles public health marketing campaigns. Ron is also an active member of the National Register of Who’s Who in executives and Professionals and has received the Certificate of Achievement in building construction. Besides his busy routine, Ron Eakes also spends his free time in the lap of nature.

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