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Currently the Chief Executive Officer of mPhase Technologies, Ronald Durando began his diverse and successful career in high school. A New Jersey native, Ronald Durando was employed at a small electronics manufacturer, where he gained hands-on experience in the manufacturing process. His dedication to the work earned him a leadership position in an electromechanical design department.

Following his time in electronics manufacturing, Ronald Durando’s career underwent a change in direction. He obtained his Series 7 license and became a stockbroker at the age of 25. Eventually, he established a brokerage that specialized in wholesale trading and corporate finance. His knowledge of the finance and electronics industries allowed him to accept a position as the Chief Operating Officer for a company with fifty years of experience in creating electronic components for the defense sector. In his time with that company, Ronal Durando doubled its revenue and steered it toward increased product diversification.

Throughout his career, Ronald Durando has demonstrated an ability to establish successful businesses, and in 1996, he founded mPhase Technologies. The company specializes in developing innovative materials and devices, including “smart surfaces,” which are the products of recent advancements in microfluidics and nanotechnology. Under Ronald Durando’s leadership, mPhase Technologies recently completed production of the mPower Emergency Illuminator, the company’s first-ever electronic device. In 2010, the International Consumer Electronic Show recognized the Emergency Illuminator with two Design and Engineering Showcase Awards. Additionally, he was interviewed about the device and its revolutionary battery design by radio personality Dave Graveline.

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