Ronald J. Pawley

Former Kodak Executive Deputy Fire Chief

About Ronald J. Pawley

Ronald J. Pawley, attended the Rochester Institute of Technology and University of Rochester, spent more than 30 years working for Eastman Kodak, Co., a film and chemical company based out of Rochester, New York. Despite his professional career being interrupted by his military service, Ronald J. Pawley eventually advanced to the position of executive deputy fire chief at the Kodak Park Fire Department. In this position he assumed executive duties such as developing his staff, screening and hiring, and assuming the role of incident commander during emergency situations. At the time of his retirement, Eastman Kodak boasted one of the region’s largest complexes, while the Kodak Park Fire Department provided fire protection and prevention for more than 60,000 employees and was considered one of the largest chemical fire fighting organizations worldwide.

In the past, Ronald J. Pawley enjoyed racing his Corvette in competitive events. He has also raced speed boats, and in the winter months he likes to visit Bristol Mountain to ski. He also enjoys reading and highly recommends the book Modoc.

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