Ronald Lipscomb

Ronald Lipscomb - General Manager of New Directions Trust

Over the course of his career as a real estate executive, Ronald Lipscomb has managed a number of high-profile companies and projects in Virginia and Maryland. He currently serves as the general manager of New Directions Trust, LLC, where he seeks out promising retail, housing development, and commercial investment opportunities on behalf of the trust. Upon receiving approval from a trustee, Ronald Lipscomb pursues additional activities such as construction and property management.

Aside from his work with New Directions Trust, Ronald Lipscomb is the general manager of LSH Gateway, LLC, which oversees development of a 194-room hotel, which will include retail space and 98 structured parking spaces. He also works as the general manager of Fir Tree Management, where he consults on a broad range of residential and nonresidential construction projects in the Towson, Maryland, area.

In his free time, Lipscomb enjoys gardening, listening to jazz and spending time with his family.