Ronald L. Klaus

Chemical Engineer Ronald L. Klaus

About Ronald Klaus

Currently the director of operations in Ethiopia for Hope in View, Inc., Ronald L. Klaus enjoyed a successful engineering career working on computer calculations to solve engineering problems in both academic and real-world settings prior to entering the ministry. Ronald Klaus began his technical career at Exxon Research and Engineering Company, where he created mathematical models to solve problems with the company's refineries.

During the Vietnam War, Ronald Klaus served at the United States Jet Propulsion Laboratory. In that capacity, he modeled the mathematical equations that allowed the laboratory to predict the combustion process of a new kind of rocket propellant, thus contributing to the United States' successful mission to the Moon in 1969.

In the 1970s, Ron Klaus taught courses in computer science, thermodynamics, applied mathematics, and several other subjects at the University of Pennsylvania as an assistant professor of chemical engineering and computer science. He returned to the engineering and applied mathematics field for five years beginning in 2003 after a three-decade hiatus, during which time he served as a pastor and seminary teacher in the USA, the Philippines, Mongolia, Peru, and Kenya.  Today, he instructs students at the Ethiopia Theological College in addition to his duties at Hope in View.

Ethiopian Neighborhood Groups and Biblical Economics

Economics might not come to mind as a theme throughout the Bible, but there are lessons laden in a variety of passages about self-help. For Carolyn and Ronald Klaus of Hope In View, those lessons are of particular importance, as the not-for-profit continues its effort to inspire start-up businesses in Ethiopia. Because of widespread poverty in the country, Biblical economics has become a central part of the discipleship model. To date, Ronald “Ron” Klaus has reported successful self-help savings groups in some of the poorest Ethiopian neighborhoods. One example is the Addis Ababa group led by Alem Gebregzi.

Alem Gebregzi is a volunteer for Hope In View's child sponsorship program who has gained leadership skills and began promoting money management in 2013. Each member of her small group would contribute 30 cents at every meeting, eventually building a fund large enough for members to take out loans. A year later, six group members were able to create their own small business on loans which were paid back with interest.

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