Ronnie Floyd

Senior Pastor at Cross Church

About Ronnie Floyd

Ronnie Floyd is an established religious leader in northwest Arkansas. In 2014, he was elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). His major contributions to the SBC include leading the organization’s Great Commission Resurgence Task Force and helping people deal with their feelings of “lostness.” More recently, during the annual convention in 2013, Ronnie Floyd introduced a new resolution to focus more resources on programs that address mental health issues.

Beyond his role with the Southern Baptist Convention, Ronnie Floyd currently serves as the senior pastor with Cross Church, a large congregation based in Springdale, Arkansas. Dedicated to planning new churches and spreading the Gospel throughout the region and the world, Mr. Floyd has led the development of four new church campuses in recent years. He also provides support to important charitable organizations. For example, Cross Church recently donated $700,000 to the Cooperative Program.

Mr. Floyd studied at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, earning a master’s degree in divinity and a doctorate in ministry. Since establishing his role as a Christian leader in Arkansas in 1986, he has authored 20 books and spoken on numerous radio and television shows, including Focus on the Family.

How the Cross School of Ministry Prepares Future Leaders

Dr. Ronnie Floyd has been serving as the Senior Pastor of Cross Church and its five campuses in Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri since 1986. In 2014 and 2015, he was nominated and elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest network of Southern Baptists in the US. As an aspect of his work at Cross Church, Dr. Floyd established the Cross School of Ministry in 2013.

The school offers a yearlong ministry residency that prepares young leaders for a life in global ministry through practical, immersive experiences. The residency centers around three major aspects. The first is called Life, and this pertains to how a student may best care for themselves physically, financially, and spiritually while doing the work of serving others. The second is Ministry, which comprises on-the-job training and hands-on experience to get a sense of the practical realities of ministry and how it works from the inside.

Global Gospel Advancement is the third aspect, and this relates to the greater mission of the Baptist church in general, which is to share the teachings of the Bible in order to help people all over the world. As a part of this third component, participants will learn about mission theory and experience two national missions as well as one international mission. Through this program, the School of Ministry hopes to train and prepare the spiritual leaders of the future.

The Ability Special Needs Ministry of Cross Church

Dr. Ronnie Floyd is an experienced minister, who leads Cross Church in Northwest Arkansas as Senior Pastor. Dr. Floyd oversees all church activities, events, and programs, including the Ability Ministry of Cross Church.

The Cross Church family is one dedicated to serving the personal needs of each and every member, from infancy through old age. Church leaders and members of the Ability Ministry of Cross Church focus not on the areas in which an individual may struggle, but on the many, many ways they can succeed. It is the belief of Cross Church that every human has been designed by God for a unique purpose, and that it is the role of the church to help parishioners understand and realize this purpose.

Parents and guardians of children who have special needs can contact the church to learn more about the Ability Ministry and its services. Parents should provide ministry leaders with as much information as possible about their child so that members can effectively meet the child’s needs. A number of important forms, including general information forms and a confidentiality agreement, are available through the church’s website.

Dr. Ronnie Floyd’s Most Recent Literary Work

Serving as the Senior Pastor of Cross Church, which is based in Northwest Arkansas with five campuses, Dr. Ronnie Floyd brings over 30 years of experience in leading congregations to his role. A versatile and prolific author, Dr. Floyd has published over 20 books during his ministry career, including his most recent, "Forward: 7 Distinguishing Marks for Future Leaders.”

Focused around identifying the leaders of tomorrow, the book sees Dr. Floyd call for a different type of leader to take command in the future. Drawing from his own experiences, Dr. Floyd is able to offer insight into the challenges faced by leaders and how to rise above the pack in order to lead larger groups. The crux of the work identifies seven distinguishing marks that can be found in all future leaders. It also offers useful tools and examples for future leaders to follow, with each chapter concluding with “Forward Actions” that readers can apply to their own.