President Franklin D. Roosevelt

One of the controversial moves president Roosevelt made during his presidency was when he signed the right for a "lend-lease".  A lend lease is that he allowed  the US military to ship, use, and trade military items and weapons such as planes, guns, tanks, and bombs.  He also was the the person to issue the executive order 9066 in the first place.

Extra Facts:
-The pby5a that he flew across the Atlantic in for the first time 1943 was designated for air-force one
-He led the country through not one but three  great times (depression ww2 and pearl harbor)
_He served four terms

I hereby authorize and direct the secretary of war ,and the military commanders whom he may from time to time to designate whenever he or any designated commander deems such action necessary or desirable to prescribe military areas in such places and of such such extent as he or the appropriate military commander may determine from which any or all persons may be excluded and with respect to which the right of any person to enter remain in or leave shall be subject to whatever restrictions the secretary of war or the appropriate military commander may impose in his discretion.

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