Rosalynn Smith  
Ancient Mesopotamia

     The Mesopotamia society was very advanced. They created many things including irrigation;irrigation was a system used to control water so that it didn't flood and destroy the crops.They also created the first system of writing called cuneioform. They wrote epics (a story about a hero or warrior,that goes on a quest or adventure and ends up learning a very important lesson) and stories about the Mesopotamia life.      

     Ancient Mesopotamia people also created the first system of time around the number 60. Which is the way we tell time today. They even split up a year into 12 months. More things that the  Mesopotamia people developed we use today like they cut the circle into 360 degrees. They also started to find the area of rectangles and triangles.  

      The most famous thing we use that was created by Mesopotamia people is the wheel. If they wouldn't have created the wheel people would still be walking places, so what they decided to do with their time effected our lives too.