Rose LaFleur         

Water Operator at Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority                      

About Rose LaFleur                    

Committed to assisting people with disabilities that often go overlooked, Rose LaFleur works toward increasing public awareness of neurological disorders.

In the hope that others may benefit from her own experience dealing with injury and neurological disability, Rose LaFleur advocates for further research, education, and a commitment from physicians and other professionals to investigate this medical condition. Rose LaFleur found that the invisible nature of neurological disorders generates misunderstandings, rather than quality medical care and aid. Discovering an essential lack of interest and support within the medical community, Rose LaFleur took steps toward her own recovery and toward aiding in the recovery of others.

Rose LaFleur studied human development, health education, and wellness at a Midwestern university. She eventually obtained certification in heath education. After her formal studies, Rose LaFleur continued to build on an interest in the environment and its relationship to health, and soon secured a position as a water operator for a water treatment plant in central Virginia. During her employment with the water treatment plant, Rose LaFleur sustained injuries from a traumatic incident.

While seeking medical treatment, Rose LaFleur discovered that neurological disorders were often met with misunderstanding, neglect, and cynicism. Rose LaFleur was puzzled by a continued disinterest from the health profession, as well as the lack of information available to the general public. After taking personal time to recover from injuries sustained in the accident, Rose LaFleur took a new direction, aiming to help others suffering from neurological disabilities.

Rose LaFleur incorporated the lessons she learned from this life-changing event to pursue further education in chemistry and physics. In doing so, she was able to better understand not only her injuries but also her healing process. Although still facing her own personal challenges as she continues to recover, Rose LaFleur remains committed to undertaking a new path to educate others about neurological disabilities.

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