The Game

Rose Lamour

Who was involved?

In the activity, the groups involved were the Guerilla's, the Army and Wealthy, the peasants, and the Government of Guatemala. In the beginning of the game, the Army and Wealthy had the power because they had the most msu's. The Guerilla's were second with 60 msu's, then the government, and lastly the peasants with no power and no msu's. However, the peasants have double the vote which is very important in Guatemala. Getting the peasants votes is very helpful and very important for whoever is  going to run for the president of Guatemala.

How did the balance and power shift?

At the end of month one, the power was handed to the Guerilla's. The Guerilla's have been trying to gain their power back and over throw the Army and Wealthy, and that's exactly what they have done. With 200 msu's, the Guerilla's were currently ruling Guatemala.

At the end of month two, the Guerilla's still had all of the power. Even though they lost some msu's (10) they were still in the lead. The power did not shift at all, but some groups gained msu's and some groups lost msu's.

At the end of month three, the Guerilla's lost all of their power. No one in Guatemala had the power because in the election, the Guerilla's decided that only the members of their group and the government would run in the election. The US did not agree, so the Guerilla's lost all of their msu's and now the US is the one with the power even though they are not part of Guatemala. The power shifted because of Cooperation and Conflict within each group.

Cooperation and Conflict

Month One

A lot of cooperation and conflict occurred in the activity. One conflict was when the Guerilla's was trying to convince the US to be an alliance with them. The US said no to them because they made decisions to quick and the US thought that was risky for them. An example of cooperation is when the peasants joined the Guerilla's so that if the Guerilla's decided to run in the election they would have all of the peasants votes.

Month Two

A member of the US lied to many of the groups causing problems. Also the Army and Wealthy wanted to make a peace treaty with the Guerilla's but the Guerilla's declined the offer and wanted to remain rivals.

Month Three

The peasants broke their alliance with the government. Also the US did not agree with the Guerilla's decision to run for election.

United State's Role

The United States role in the simulation was like a big brother or sister to Guatemala. They looked over Guatemala and sometimes made decisions for them. Since the United States is the most powerful country in the world, they basically ruled Guatemala even though they were not part of Guatemala's government. The US are also known as "middle men" because one member loved to lie to other groups so the US was on good terms with them. However, the other groups found out and they lost a lot of trust in the US.

Power Shifting

When the power shifts it can either be positive or negative. Positive because a group can have the most MSU's and negative because another group can lose enough MSU's to not be in power anymore and not have any power at all. The goal is to have the most MSU's so it gives the group a chance to be in power of the country.

How it relates to my life

Cooperation and Conflict happens on an everyday basis in my life. It happens at school, at home, in the car, anywhere I go. An example of cooperation and conflict at school is when someone gets in trouble for doing something they're not allowed to do in school and they are suspended for two weeks. The super attendant agrees with the student that instead of the two week suspension, they have to do two weeks of community service which is an example of cooperation. Another example is when you're at home and you get in a fight with your mom because you want to go out and she says that you haven't been doing your chores so you can't go. So you decide to do your chores so that you can go out. One last example is when you argue with your sibling over a TV show you both want to watch. In result you guys decide that one watches half of their show, then after the other sibling watches the other half of their show.

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