Ross Sklar

Leader of The Starco Group

About Ross Sklar

With a diverse background that includes experience in industry segments such as formulation, manufacturing, distribution, packaging, and applications, Ross Sklar oversees all aspects of a multifaceted chemical manufacturing organization. The executive previously served as principal at a number of firms, including SEI Chemical, SEI Industrial Coatings, and Betterbilt Chemical. In 2010, Ross Sklar merged these companies, with Four Star Chemical, into the chemical conglomerate The Starco Group.

He now overseas The Starco Group components as they function together to produce chemicals that are sold for residential use by Home Depot, Menards, Ace Hardware, and True Value. Other products serve industrial and commercial chemical purposes. These include adhesives, cleaning agents, janitorial chemicals and paints and coatings. Under Mr. Sklar’s direction, The Starco Group operates under an environmentally conscious mandate.

Ross Sklar graduated from the University of Manitoba, Canada, with a bachelor’s degree in political science.

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