the rothschild giraffe

by: kayla loupe and alexandra enriquez

the Rothschild giraffe is at the least concern of the other endangered species. but they are rare. there are only a few hundred left in the wild and they live on the continent of Africa in the savannahs, in the countries of Kenya and Uganda. this particular type of giraffe eats leaves and plants. the predators of this species include, lions, hyenas, crocodiles, and leopards. the Rothschild giraffe has to be at least 3 to 5 years old to reproduce and has 1 calf. lastly, why are they endangered you ask? they are endangered because of the increase in the human population and as they're habitats are being destroyed, they're population decreases. plus their predators have eaten and killed a handfulof them. this giraffe is very easily distinguished from other giraffes because of it's unique coloring on it's pelt/coat. it is very close to the masai giraffe but the Rothschild giraffe is paler.