Country of the rock bands

Brief History

        Rovck was founded by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and Charlie Watts in 1962. The founders were all part of a band, The Rolling Stones.The four men were exploring the Pacific Ocean looking for inspiration until, around the Mid Pacific Mountains, they found a large piece of land with an area of around 268, 800 sq miles (about the size of Texas). They used their love for music as an inspiration to form a new country. They decided that the country would be based off anything musical in the world such as singing or playing an instrument.  Ronnie Wood opposed the idea. He thought that, although he had a passion for it, it would be illogical to make a country based off of nothing but music. However, this did not stop the band from forming their new country. After various disagreements and small obstacles, the group finally made their own country.


Rovck is a very simple country where all children and teens (both male and female) go to school for 14 years where they learn to play rock music. The cost for schooling is seven pounds each school year. Children at the age of four to six go to beginner's school, where children take daily lessons for singing and playing different instruments along with the usual school classes. After beginner's school, children at the age of seven to thirteen go to a more advanced school where they can now choose their majors. They are free to choose as many majors as they would like but they still need to have available space in their schedule for math, science, social studies, and english classes. After this, teens at the age of 14-17 go to advanced schools where they take their usual classes and more progressive musical classes. When the students graduate they are free to apply for any job they would like. Their occupations do not have to be musical but music is still highly involve.


Much like Hawaii, U.S., there is a small annual variation in temperature in Rovck. It is usually dry during the months of January to September and temperatures of 90 degrees and above are quite uncommon. Since Rovck is an island, most of the food in the country is sea food, but there is a lot of Mexican food in the country as well.


The citizens of Rovck speak English, the same as how it is spoken in the UK. The writing, however, is different. Richards English is used in Rovck. Richards English is a type of writing where everything is spelled the way it is spoken but one rule is that the letter 'v' in Rovck is the same as the letter 'u' in England (vice versa) and every other letter is the same. This type of writing started in 1972 when President Keith Richards wrote a letter to President Ronnie Wood explaining that the traditional English writing was getting too difficult. After that, the letter got out to the public and they decided to use the writing that Richards used instead. Therefore, naming the method Richards Writing.