Ryan Pastorelle Newsletter!

Volume 1, Issue 1

March 2014

Welcome into the Official Ryan Pastorelle Newsletter! This is the first issue of an experience that will last until your very last breathes on earth. Seriously, check back in 2076 or whenever your last year is & this will probably still be here.


You don't believe me do you?

What if I told you I had proof. Would you believe me then?

Ladies & Gentlemen, proof:

Click to read this man's Tackk from the year 2087.

The Guts

In short, this newsletter will contain shenanigans like this one...

More Guts

I shall end this first edition with another first edition... Below is the first edition of my short-lived post-it-note sized comic strip FUNNY'SBURGH. I created a new edition each Friday for a few months sometime in ... oh I dunno 2006 or so & gave them to my co-workers. The main character had no face & was kind of a "D" ... Here is a reproduction of the first ever FUNNY'SBURGH:

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