Cyber Security

The fundamentals in kicking the hard-drives
into those hackers disk-drives
By: Junji Bressan

Cyber Security is the practice of protecting the information of networked users who access the internet everyday. The purpose of cyber security is to prevent the unauthorized access of the accounts of individuals. Cyber security is rapidly growing field that many industries employ to protect their databases and websites. Theses industries include the government, corporations, and of variety of others.

The task of cyber security professional is both challenging and rewarding. The professional must not only display an aptitude in a variety of coding languages; but they also must be creative and adapt to the rapid change in computer technology. A cyber security analyst must protect "websites and networks from cyber threats, such as malware, denial-of-service attacks and viruses" (Florida Tech).

A cyber security analyst must have variety of skills to be both efficient and successful in the field. One must be constantly up to date on the latest tech. One must also be an adept listener. However one the most important skills to have aside from multitasking would be ones ability to problem solve. In a field that is very fluid like cyber security, an analyst must be prepared to face new challenges and to overcome them through rather creative ,and rather unorthodox means.

With each passing year the world becomes more connected to the internet and there is large demand for those who have the knowledge to protect it

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