Tom Coughlin resigns as New York Giants football head coach, after coaching with the Giants for 12 years.

This is Tom Coughlin's last game coaching for the New York Giants.

Link to the photo (1/6/16)- Denver Post: http://www.denverpost.com/broncos/ci_29341978/tom-...

            What are the Giants going to do next? It is a question a lot of people are asking, but nobody really has the answer. Their head coach Tom Coughlin resigned one day after losing to the Philadelphia Eagles 35-30, making their record 6-10. The 69 year old did what was best for him, when he met with the owners John Mara and Steve Tisch later after the loss, "I informed them that it is in the best interest of the organization that I step down as head coach," Coughlin said in a statement. "I strongly believe the time is right for me and my family, and ... the Giants organization."

           The New York Giant players got emotional, making it blatant that Tom Coughlin was a players coach. Eli Manning almost broke down as he said "He didn't fail us, we failed him by not doing what we were supposed to do on the field". And right after that Ernie Corsie said "Great coach, even better man". But what was also blatant was that he was going to resign soon, after four straight years not making the playoffs, and that means that the Giants are not the same Elite team after beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl. The affect that Tom Coughlin has when he left is huge, because he is probably one of the best coaches ever, winning two super bowls with the Giants and leading the Jacksonville Jaguars ( 12 years ago) to 2 Confrence championsips. He is also someone to look up to, as shown by the players reactions to him resigning, he didn't just coach them, he babysat them.

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1-2 sentence description- This article talks about a lot of the same stuff that most of the articles say, but the different things about this article is that it displays what Odell Beckham Junior had to say about Coughlin. "I love Coach Coughlin," Beckham said. "He's always going to be my coach."

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1-2 sentence description- This article talks about how the Eagles might want to get Tom Coughlin to coach their team. It says that Bill Parcel endorses Coughlin Eagles next coach; as Bill Parcel says that he is "a good fit". It also shows that he is a players coach, so he had a thing that Chip Kelley doesn't have (the Eagles coach who they have just recently fired).

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ESPN (1/6/16): http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=14508078&ex_cid=e...

This video talks about Tom Coughlin, and that in a interview he states "I am not necessarily done with coaching". So basically, the doors are open for him to return to coaching one day.


Where I got my information (1/6/16) Denver Post http://www.denverpost.com/broncos/ci_29341978/tom-...

Script- As some of you know, Tom Coughlin resigned as the New York Giants football head coach after losing the the Philadelphia Eagles 35-30. Most people weren't surprised about this, because he is 69 years old and his team hasn't made the playoffs in the last 4 seasons. The Giants players were emotional, and they feel like it is their fault that he left because they didn't play like a playoff team. But, Coughlin's next move will shock you. He was interviewed and he stated “I am not necessary done with coaching”. Then, about a day later Bill Parcel endorses Tom Coughlin as the Eagles next coach. “He is a great fit. He is not just a good coach, he is a good man too” said Bill Parcell. This is a big factor that you have to look at (him being a good man) because Chip Kelly (Eagles head coach who has just recently got fired) was not a players’ coach in any way, and Tom Coughlin is.