Order Custom Made Rulers For Higher Efficiency

If you are an architect or associated with a profession that demands the use of rulers and measuring devices then you would understand how much your work depends upon the quality of these devices. Along with that, it might have happened with you that you felt the standard ruler does not satisfy your purposes and you might need some additional features in the ruler that you are using. On both these counts, it is now possible to get what you desire.

Companies such as Schlenker Enterprises Ltd provide custom made rulers and ruler related products. This company has been in business since 1977 and they have been able to establish a track record of supplying products that are of the best quality. Whether you need the rulers for a mechanical purpose or an electrical or electronic component, you can trust to get the kind of product you need with them. Since they take orders for custom made products you can place an order for the kind of ruler you want, with specifications including the length or the diameter and metrics. So the next time you feel the need to buy a triangular ruler or an architectural scale ruler you know there is a company that adheres to high standards of efficiency.

This stands true for all kinds of rulers such as an architect scale ruler or even a steel ruler. They provide standard and custom made rulers along with other measuring devices. If you own a company then you can get logo rulers as a part of your branding process. Likewise, it is possible for a person to order personalized rulers. The fact that you can get calibrated certified rulers which are traceable to NIST speak of the quality assurance that you would get from such companies and manufacturers. Apart from these standard types of rulers other items available with them include protractor and gauges and also digital calipers.

When you order a custom made ruler you can also specify the material that you want to be used for making it like stainless steel, brass or even tempered steel. You can define the kind of finish and color you want. This would be another way you can personalize your equipment. Many people also prefer to get rulers of different kinds and colors and they use the color to code them and put them in different categories. This makes identification and selection of the right equipment easier. If you are aware of your needs then you can call in for a quotation, and you would see that the prices would be much less than what you would get from other suppliers.

In case of customized rulers you can place an order for custom folding rulers, tool joint identifiers, medical rulers, promotional rulers and even architect/ratio scale rulers. Promotional rulers are an excellent choice for a branding exercise and you can also get your logo on any other custom made ruler you order.

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