Psychological Approach

11/7/2013 Mrs. Averginos Mod 4/5

This is a picture of the refugee team and Luma. In outcasts United Luma was motivated by her past and by her love of soccer.

This is a picture of Oedipus after he realized he was the one who killed Laius and after his wife/mother hung herself. In Oedipus Rex, he was motivated to find Lauis's killer

At 2:58 he says no freedom till we're equal damn right i support it. You can also see in the beginning hes wearing a t-shirt saying legalize gay marriage.

At 00:41 hes trying to motivate you to keep your head up and remain positive.

At 1:19 hes telling you not to give up on your dreams and you will have to work to get them to become true. Hes also saying to stay focused on your dreams and done lose sight of them.

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