Scientists belive that HIV has originated from chimpanzies in West Africa when hunters hunted them and ate the meat. The chimpanzies had a virus and it transmitted it to humans and over the years the virus has turned into HIV. The virus was in West Africa and made its way to the US through traveling.


It is spredad through reproduction fluids and blood. HIV can be spread through blood if a person uses an unstarilized needle, or getting an infected person's blood in your eys or any opened places. Infected mothers can also pass the disease on to their child.

Country Info:

The way the disease spread shows that Africa is not as advanced to help keep the disease controlled. They didn't any medicines to treat it and a they didn't inform people on how to avoid the disease. They also didn't have ways to detect if someone was infected so they just keep doing nomal thungs which infects even more people.


The government would be faced with trying to find a fast cure. If they didn't do anything then they could cause a riot. The government would have to spend a lot of money to find a quick cure and to keep the disease from spreading.


It would hurt the contries economy because toehr countries would be worried aout bringing the disease to their country. Not as many people would vist the US and it woiud hurt their tourist income.


Culture is the way people live an dwhat they believe. Some people are so religios that they don't belive in medicine so they wont get treatment. But everyone will have to try and avoid the disease, they would have to be much more causious. People would have to be much more causious when being around people with the disease, they will have to protect their eyes to prevent catching the disease.