We are all immigrants, therefore why do some get punished while others rewarded? Don't forget our history, America!

Immigration laws have been influenced by the strict and hazardous means to become a U.S. citizen in America. Because of this, race and other attributes are being discriminated because of their methods they deem fair and equal. Immigration policies are needed to be subsided in order to produce eligibility and guarantee for all freedom and equality in the country of the United States.

Immigration within the 19th century was deemed as a negative and impractical use of the freedom of America. Today in the 20th century, we see a discrimination between races of immigrants and a huge difference among each immigrants, undocumented or not. However, this is slowly changing. Today we also see an approval of immigrants. We are beginning to notice that immigrants improve our equality as an economy. We remember our history of immigration and the need for a better and more suitable lifestyle for the sick, poor, and disadvantaged to live a better life.

Race and racism within the media and politics have framed the ideas and stereotypes we notice today. Within the discussion of immigration, we see an occurrence and a difference between Mexican immigration and European immigration. One is accepted while the other is not. The media has impacted this as well as politics through its extraordinary means to patrol the border of the United States and Mexico. We notice television shows, millions of tax dollars, and discrimination infiltrated towards Mexican immigration. However, we see a positive impact among others.

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