Children During The Holocaust

The Holocaust is a period of time where 11 million Jews where killed (1.1 million of them were children.) Children were used as science experiments. Also, the Nazi were advocated the unwanted or dangerous children. During, the Holocaust there was a dictor name Adolf Hitler.

1.) Adolf Hitler committed suicide with pills.

2.) People that died were burned or buried into the backyard of the camp.

3.) Holocaust means "sacrifice by fire."

4.) Anne Frank and her family hide from them.

5.) Twins were as young as five years old murdered.

6.) A doctor name Carl Clauberg injected chemical substances into wombs of men and women.

7.) Dr. Herta Oberheuser kilt children with oil and evipan injections, then removed their limbs and vital organs.

8.) Over 6 million Jews and Gypsies.

9.) Adolf Hitler didn't like people who's not blue-eyed and white.

10.) The Jews had to live in ghettos that were run-down.

January 30,1933- Hitler took control of Germany

April 1,1933- Boycott Jews shops and businesses

January 29,1943- Gypsies were arrested and sent to extermination camps

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