Calling all AWESOME teachers...

Your help is requested.

Are you ready to be someone's champion?

Do you have a group of students who just seem to be over-looked or caught in the mix in your class? Not at the bottom and not at the top but in need of some extra help?

Do you wish you had just a few more minutes to “reach” some of your students in a way that is meaningful and applicable to real life?

Would you be willing to come early or stay late if time was compensated for you? Like leave at 2:20 instead of 3:05.

Would you be willing to give up a study hall or other duty so that you had the time to “reach” those hard to reach students in your classes?

Do you have a special skill or talent that you’d like to share with students that share that same interest?

The idea is that you would be making connections with the students that have trouble making connections elsewhere at GlenOak High School and at a time that works for the STUDENT and YOU!

If you are interested, respond to this message with your RSVP and leave a comment in the bottom section by clicking "join the conversation" and let’s be AWESOME!

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Noah 3 years ago
Paula 3 years ago
Sarah Rante 3 years ago
Beshore :) 3 years ago

I would love to help!

Diane Smith 3 years ago
? debbie davidson 3 years ago

Before school like at 7:00 AM to hang out with kids.......depending on the structure I would do that.