These are the main issues in Spain in the 2014-15 school year

Issue #1: Unemployment

Issue #2: Enviromental Issues- Mediterranean Sea Pollution

The Mediterranean Sea is in danger because of pollution. The Mediterranean Sea is being polluted by raw sewage and wastes from oil and gas production companies. The Mediterranean Sea is almost entirely landlocked, so it has a low renewal rate and therefore is very sensitive to pollution. The United Nations Environment Program has estimated that 650 million tons of sewage 129,000 tons of mineral oil, 60,000 tons of mercury, 3,800 tons of lead and 36,000 tons of phosphates are dumped into the Mediterranean each year. According to European Environment Agency and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, more than 65% of fish stocks in the Mediterranean Sea are in danger. Barely 1% of the Mediterranean Sea is protected, though scientists have recommended 20%- 50% should be protected. Spain is the only country, out of the nineteen who share the responsibility of taking care of the Mediterranean, who have adopted a National Plan of Action.

ISSUE #3: Crimes in Madrid- pickpocketing

The topic I research was crimes in Madrid. I did a lot of research and the one crime that happens the most in Madrid is pickpocketing. Pickpocketing is when somebody takes you valuable items while you are walking or not looking secretly. This is happening in Madrid, but not only Madrid in other cities as well. While I was researching, I found that all the sites said that tourist were the ones getting pickpocketed. This event has been happening for a long time and will continue to happen until somebody puts or tries to put a stop to this. Lastly this is happening because tourist and the general public aren't aware of their surrounding and also aren't paying attention to their person belongings. Know here is a quiz to take on this problem. All the answers are in this summary. Hope you enjoy!

Issue #4: Effects of climate on Crops in Spain

Viewed in terms of land mass, Spain is one of the largest countries of Western Europe, and it ranks second in terms of its elevation, after Switzerland. A large part of the country is semiarid, with temperatures that range from extremely cold in the winter to scorching in the summer. Rainfall, which is often inadequate, tends to be concentrated in two generally brief periods during the year.

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