Technology for the At-Risk Student

At-risk students need to feel like they are being treated the same as students who are not at risk.  This starts with incorporating technology into the classroom.  Here are three technologies that can help with this idea.

1.  Each classroom should be equipped with at least one computer, laptop, or i pad device.  This will allow the teacher to create presentations and use the computer for activies in the classroom.  This will also allow students to get experience with technology and access to learning tools online.

2. Good internet connection is also important.  A teacher needs to know that they can rely on their internet being up and running while they are trying to teach their classroom. Good internet connection is also important for students, so that they can have reliable access to do research and use applications while in their learning environment.  These students need to know that they have a stable safe place at school, and providing reliable internet connection will help to create less chaos and stress in the classroom.

3.  A document camera or a projector would also be a great technology tool for students and teachers.   A teacher can use these tools to project different applications or programs onto their screen so that the entire class can be exposed to the technology experience.  Students can also use these tools to present their own presentations to their fellow students.

Using even the basic technologies with at-risk students will help them to engage more in their learning.  Learning using technology, which may be new and exciting to these students, will become fun and exciting.  Using and learning how to use technology in the classroom will help these students to develop life long skills that will help them later in life especially as our world continues to become more and more technologically advanced.

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