Name: Perry, Raquelle        Hour:2

Living Things Meet Their Needs Through Interaction with the Environment

Environment and Interaction

An Environment is a place that where everything surrounds a living thing. It made up of both living, and not living things. (Ex. A frog is living, a rock is not).

An Interaction is when all living things meet their needs in their environment. This occurs when 2 or more things act certain ways that effect one another. (Ex. trees and other forest plants can meet their need for energy and materials through interactions with material in soil and with air and light from sun).

The Types and Numbers of Living Things Change over Time


You are surrounded by a variety of living things. This variety is called biodiversity. Today scientists have described and named many species. (1.4 million to be exact). But there are still some species that haven't been described/discovered and/or named. Scientists use the term species to describe a closely related group of living things. Species that are such a close group that they can reproduce. Like a lizard.


Adaptations is something that helps a particular animal survive in their environment. Like if there are fishlike fossil, that indicates that there must have been a lake/pond there before.

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