World War I Photo Essay

By Marissa Echeverri


When the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated in 1914 by a Serbian nationalist assassin a ripple effect was caused and the five great nations were declaring war on each other. This was not the cause of World War I directly, but it did however play a lead role into one of the cause for the start of the war. This photo was taken before the Archduke and his wife got into the car to visit the wounded in a nearby hospital. #Violence


This image shows American soldiers operating a trench mortar. The gun and crew was used continuously during the raid of March 4, 1918 in France. #Militarism

This image shows a German soldier throwing a hand grenade at the enemy in an unknown battlefield during World War I. #Weaponry

Soldier Life

World War I is said to be the most violent and bloody war of all wars. Soldiers faced many dangers when fighting in this war. This image shows an Austrian soldier dead on battleground, in 1915. #Casualties

Soldiers would have to undergo gas mask drills. This image is taken place at the Salonica front where Indian troops are at a Gas mask drill. #Militarism

Civillian Life

This image displays woman's growing importance in the U.S.'s economy by taking on the jobs men usually had.  #Totalwar

Women would take on labor that men would normally be doing, but they were off in the war. This photo displays a group of female carpenters working in a lumber yard in France. #Industrialization

Impact of The War

Not only did the war effect the people and the economy, it resulted in the geography of the land bearing lasting scars from the war. #Destruction

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