By Ethan Anderegg

Adult CPR                                                  

check the scene

check the person

call 9-1-1

30 compressions  100/min  1 ½ - 2 inches deep  2 hands

2 rescue breaths  repeat compressions and breaths

stop when when help arrives, response, too tired to continue, AED or scene becomes unsafe

Child CPR

check the scene

check child

call 9-1-1

compressions 1- 1 ½ inches  1-2 hands center of chest

2 breaths then repeat compressions and breaths

Infant CPR!

check the scene

check the person

call 9-1-1

compression ½ - 1 inch  2 finger 30 at rate of 100/min

2 breaths  repeat

Adult, Child, Infant Unconscious Choking

check the scene

lay the person down safely

check the person

look for object in mouth

give 30 compressions at the rate of 100/min ( adult 2 hands, child 1 hand, infant 2 fingers)

look for object

give 2 breaths if they don't go in re-tilt and try breaths again

repeat compressions and breaths

go until person comes contious or help arrives

Adult/Child Conscious Choking

ask person "are you choking?" if answer is yes get down to their level and give abdominal thrusts until object comes out or victim goes unconscious.

Infant Conscious Choking

hold baby on leg give 5 back blows followed by 5 chest compressions and the repeat until object comes out or victim comes uncoscious or help arrives


put bandage on wound, keep elevated above the heart

once bleeding stops, wrap toward the heart

activate EMS

if wound starts to bleed add goss and rewrap

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