Son by Lois Lowry

Megan Boardman


Clair is assigned to birthmother and at the age of 14 gives birth to her first son. The birthmother's don't keep their babies because the babies will be assigned to a family when they turn one. Clair had some difficulties giving birth and is resigned to work at the Hatchery. She continuously thinks of her son and decides to volunteer at the nurturing center where the new born babies are cared for until they are assigned to a family. Clair's son, Gabe, has trouble sleeping so he stays overnight at one of the nurture's house. Later the nurture's son takes Gabe and escapes from the community. Clair gets on a boat to go find her son. The boat gets caught in a terrible storm and she ends up in a place she doesn't know with the rest of the people on the boat. She learns about the Trademaster and decides to go ask for help finding her son. The Trademaster asks for her youth in exchange for finding her son. She agrees and becomes an old lady. She finds Gabe and watches him from afar. Later when she is almost on her death bed she decides to tell Gabe that she is his mother. She tells him about the Trademaster and Gabe sets off to kill him. Gabe has a special power that allows him to understand other people's perception. He uses this to find out that the Trademaster lives to make people suffer. Gabe tells the Trademaster of all the people he has made suffer and how their lives are great now. The Trademaster dies after hearing this since he only made people suffer for a short time. After the Trademaster is dead, Clair returns to her normal age and Gabe returns to Clair and they finally meet.

What did you enjoy about the book?

I really liked this book because it hooked me right away and kept me hooked throughout the whole book. I also liked the mystery in this book. Throughout the book you never know if Clair will be reunited with her son until the very end .

What is the genre of the book?

This book is fictional.

Was the ending satisfactory? Why or why not?

The ending of this book was a fantastic ending. The ending is a great ending but with a twist that you wont see coming. In my head I thought Clair was going to be reunited with her son but I never expected it to be as challenging and near death experiencing as it was.

Why would you recomend this book?

I would recommend this book to anyone who read the Giver and liked that book. Son will keep you hooked throughout the entire book and the ending is fantastic and doesn't leave you wondering about more.

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