My Own Top 10 Photos

Favorite photos taken by myself

All photos taken by myself, Ryan Pastorelle. I am not a professional photographer, just a dude that liked to take photos even before Instagram was around.


Big fan of the symmetry in this reflective shot of the Austin, TX skyline.


This shot's been a long-time iPhone background of me & my friends walking the Las Vegas strip.


My nephew, Zach standing in front of a wall of postcards in Myrtle Beach, SC


I called this "Sushi & Ichiban." A colorful shot of a sushi sampler dish accompanied by a Kirin Ichiban beer while visiting San Francisco, CA.


While looking over the Golden Gate bridge from the Marin Headlands on the north side of the bay, I found this slide-like slope that caught my eye.


Birds changing direction near the Terminal Tower in downtown Cleveland, OH


A sunny afternoon in Lakewood, OH. I love how the grassy hillside cuts the picture diagonally and overlays a gorgeous blue sky. Plus you get a sneak peak of Lake Erie in the corner.


I always ask people if they know what bridge this is & most people can't recognize it, which for some reason adds to my appreciation of this often-unseen section of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA. I toyed around with a forced-perspective on this shot which gives it's that "toy car" feel, but really it's just a fancy way to say I made part of it blurry, as you can see by the focus (or lack thereof) of Alcatraz Island in the background.


I love being at the beach & anything that reminds me of that. I shot this while enjoying my lunch on a hotel balcony in Myrtle Beach, SC.


This is (or very nearly is) the Grand Canyon. I'm always fascinated with aerial shots because they're rarely seen. Reasons this photo is cool: the lake looks like a mangled dragon; the color changes from hot desert to cold mountain; mountains actually look like that.