Healthy Food

It is quite interesting to me that places all over the world have such different ways to define their healthy food and meals. The diversity is quite amazing. I watch Food Network all of the time, so I am quite aware of how drastically different food is in other countries, but I was never really sure about the healthiness of them.

I find it intriguing that olive oil is a whole category on its own in the Greek food pyramid. I also really wish the USDA food pyramid were more like Greeks, especially since wine is such an important part of their life that it’s on the food pyramid... I see some similarities and differences throughout the countries food pyramids. I noticed that the Swiss food pyramid puts water, soups and drinks at the base while most other countries put grains and such. I like that the Japanese include full meals in their pyramid such as “vegetable dishes.” I don’t think “sweets” should be included in any food pyramid. I think the Britain presentation of dietary guidelines worked best for me. I liked the visuals the best, but not really the decisions of what was put into it. I don’t think foods and drinks high in fat and/or sugar should be placed in there at all and I personally believe meat is much more important than bread, rice, potatoes and pasta. After looking through all of these food presentations from other countries it is clear that everyone has different and similar views on what is healthy and good for your body. I agree with most of the dietary guidelines in all countries. I would love to experience how the food is prepared in other countries compared to ours.