Seiko Velatura – Extreme and high-quality, surpassing mere good looks

It's bad luck that Seiko Velatura is not available for every profession. But those who are catered to wear the most robust and solid jewels from Seiko at work, sea-men are one and they score the most with the Velatura. To be more specific, it's the ocean churners racing the 49er Class.

In modern standards, Velatura is synonymous to reliability, precision and a stunner fit to be wooed at shamelessly. If you love sailing, the partnership between Seiko and the International 49er Class has more than something to get you delighted.

To gauge the challenge, first, you must know the fastest boat in the Olympic Regatta is a monster unless in the finest hands. That calls for the finest sailors from all around the world. The first-hand experience of many among them proves every Velatura watch is capable of withstanding the pressures of power sailing (if we may put it that way) to insane levels.

For the ocean-obsessed, Seiko arctura watches brings brainstorming of the top sailors from all around the world, so the pre-set countdown timer (highly effective to tap when the race begins), a separate alarm and a chronograph, all sit together.

From there on you have all the Alarm Chronograph, Date Calendar, Kinetic GMT and the rest lined up; so indulge into all your fantasies with time-fraction calculations, split time measurements and alarms. The range covers from 1/5 second to 1/20 second time-splitters; for bit higher budgets, they come with diamonds and pearls.

But then again, precious stones are not what you look for in what's essentially a Seiko chronograph alarm watch, used by numerous sailing communities worldwide, not just the 49er Class. 49er Class brings some super-serious rigors, so it marks a standard.

What can stand those challenges can surely any other, but is this an everyday watch? Depends on the materials you are choosing. Rubber, resin and full black ip-coating are good for sportsmen and those, whose professions demand outdoors (or out-water); for light business formals, the all-steel models are better.