Change - Nicole's Story

Growing up, sports were a major part of my life. The one sport that encapsulated my life with its sheer competitiveness, required movement, and team building was volleyball. I participated in club volleyball from sixth through tenth grade as well as playing for my school teams. During my freshman and sophomore year of high school, I played on the JV team. This sport took over my life in such a positive way that it shaped my lifestyle, allowed me to form new friendships, and created a sense of integrity in myself. My junior year I was cut from the varsity team. After such a long rally with the sport, I figured that this was the time for me to retire from my favorite sport. I really did not know what I was going to do with myself because volleyball was my life. Thankfully, my life took a quick turn for the better.That same year I had attended a leadership camp at UCLA called LEAP. I met people from all over the US, a few from Australia, and several from South Africa. This experience at UCLA enabled me to practice my social skills, learn about how to better my health and lifestyle, and build up my leadership skills. After a week at LEAP, I felt informed and amazed at all of the amazing ways that I can improve and change my life as a woman, a leader, and a friend. I decided that I would allow myself to become more involved at school and with myself. I changed my eating habits to healthier ones, and now I work out every day. This enabled me to feel better about myself everyday because I became motivated for life with my healthier habits. I have a lot more time now to hang out with my friends and experience new adventures and create life long memories. My family is extremely supportive of me and my endeavors which allows us to be as close as we are. I also was able to join LIFE Corps which helped me build better relationships with God, new and old friends, and teachers like Mrs. McDougall. LIFE Corps has allowed me to connect with myself and those around me at BC nights and meetings which are certainly amazing and fun! This year, I went on Kairos in November and was completely moved and enlightened by the faculty, the leaders, and my fellow students. I was able to build a deeper and fonder relationship with God while I was on Kairos that still remains just as strong today. Today, I am a completely different person from the girl I was when I got cut from the volleyball team. I have completed and submitted all of my college applications, I have been blessed with the opportunity to lead January Kairos which I will be going on in just a few weeks, and I am currently training to run a half marathon in May to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. It seems to me that my entire life was altered because of one decision. I don't know if I would be the person I am today if I had never gotten cut from the volleyball team. I am thankful to God, my friends, my family, and anyone else who has supported me through this point in my life. My life changed because of one decision. That's my story.

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