The Moons Importance

Cody Jones

8th hour

The Moons Role

The moon has a lot of different roles. One of those roles is its phases. The moon has 4 different moon phases. The moon also controls the tides. There are two types of tides.


Phases are what give us our seasons. Phases are caused by the motions of the moon around earth. When the moon is in the waxing it is getting bigger. When the moon is in the waning it is getting smaller. The moons light is reflected from the sun.


The tides are controlled by the moon. There are two different types of tides. The heap tide is were the tide is equal through out the hole earth. The spring tide is were there are two high tides around the world. The tides are also controlled by the moons gravity and earths.


The moon has two types of eclipses. The first type is a solar eclipse. The solar eclipse is when the moon passes directly between the Earth and the sun. The second type is a lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse occurs at a full moon when earth is directly between the moon and the sun.


If we did not have the moon we would not have the tides. We would not have light at night. We would not have a full or new moon. We would not have eclipses either. The sea level would stay constent.

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