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J.J. Thomson


When and what did he discover?

In 1897 J.J. Thomson discovered the electron. This field was being explored by several scientist at the time but Mr. Thomson was the first to come up with the answers. The discovery was mad by Mr. Thomson on his was back from America to his hometown of Manchester.

Why was this important?

- To discover this Mr. Thomson had to  conduct several experiments, one of the experiments included him using a cathode ray tube to discover the nature of electric discharge.

-Mr. Thomson came to America several times to give lectures at colleges to update us on his recent studies

- In 1904 Thomson made a model of the atom that was a sphere.

-Through his experiments and discovery Mr. Thomson wrote a book called

"Conduction of Electricity through Gases"

-Through his research Mr. Thomson was able to suggest reasonable facts about the structure of the atom


Cathode Ray Tube

Random facts

- Won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906

- Real name is Joseph John Thomson

-Attended Many colleges

- Rose Elisabeth


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