naritive poem, howard, 11-4-13

Paisley with a smile that hides a million tears. Paisley of a few friends just trying to get by. Paisley whose words are never heard, because her voice is so week. Hides behind a fake smile so no one knows the truth. Cries herself to sleep at night. Looks in the the mirror and paints a smile on her face. Runs down the halls so one sees her. Hurries home after the last bell to try to save herself.

Paisley sooner or latter she will have to stop hiding. Fixes her hair to hide her face she wants no one to see. Fighting back the tears because she doesn't want people to know how broken she really is.

Paisley inside the strongly built up walls, insidethe shy girl everyone sees, inside the happy smilling girl from what everyone can see is a girl screamong to get out. Silently she walks through the halls as fast as she can. fighting through the crowd to get to class. Quitly sitting there as the day before waiting fo the bell to save her from speeking. Quickly walking home to the one place she can be herself. Loudly listening to her music not caring what others think anymore.

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