Aims, missions and objectives


a aim for a small or big business can vary between things but for most businesses it will always be about what the company wants to achieve and there goals for example this could be hinted from certain businesses in there slogan, a real situation of this is ;   Panasonic slogan ' ideas for life'  this  tells  us that they want us to know that they will keep getting and creating good products for life. Some examples of aims are to be healthy wealthy and happy these are a few examples of aims.


a mission for any  type of business  is the purpose of them and what they are going to offer the business world company's do this because it will help them set there aims and objectives. Some examples of missions are win the lottery, become a business teacher these are just a few examples of missions.



To have a objective you need to have aims as the objectives are the practical steps on the way to achieve the goals in which the small or large business has set. Which means the better the aims that the business sets the better objectives will be up to choose for. Some examples of objectives are buy a lottery ticket, make sure every student in BTEC gets a distinction these are just a few examples of objectives.