Comma Rules

By Angela and Jessica

There are many ways to use a comma...

1. You use a comma to separate phrases.

EX: My friend, Clarissa, is sick.

2. When linking two independent clauses with a conjuction.

EX: I'd like to go to the Mall, but I have to clean the sitting room.

3. When you're addressing someone in particular.

EX: Let's run over to the neighbor's house, Tracey.

4. When making a list.

EX: Our favorite foods are pizza, hamburgers, chicken, and spaghetti.

5. When you have more than one adjective modifying a noun.

EX: The cute, crazy dog is chasing a boy.

6. After introductory phrases or clauses.

EX: Once we're done with McDonald's, we'll go to the fair.

The "other" three...

7. Dates.

EX: November 1, 2002

8. The end of a letter.

EX: Meet me at the park to talk. Love, Amanda.

9. Geographical Location.

EX: Atlanta, GA

When to NOT use a comma...

1. When separating two independent clauses with out a conjuction.

2. After the conjuction.

3. Separating a dependent and independent clause with a conjuction.

Commas save lives...

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