Non-Traditional Careers

4 Main Points

A non-traditional career is a career that is dominated by a man or a women such as construction or being a nurse and these jobs are performed by the opposite gender Ex: female construction worker or a male nurse.

  • Point 1: Woman can do any job that a man can do just as a man can do any job that a woman can do.
  • Point 2: The jobs that men and women particularly do pay well and can pay up to 30,000 dollars with in 6 months.
  • Point 3: Can show others that you go into to career that you want to go into and no one should hold you back.
  • Point 4: People may start taking away stereotypes on women and men.


Women Mechanics

Male Nurses

There are many jobs that women do such as being mechanics and welding and men become nurses and kindergaten teachers.