Piggy's Organic Farm and Markets

"Piggy's market, something good to eat!"

Join us on July 1 - 4, 2015 on a special event! The event includes, organic foods (fruits, vegetables, meat, and meat substitutes), activities, and many more! Feel free to bring your own pets, and animals so they can have fun too! Ticket prices will vary.

  • Children and teens (age 17 and under) - $6
  • Adults (age 18-50) - $10
  • Senior Citizens (age 51 and above) - $4

Located at the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence, Kingston.

We would really appreciate if you have any suggestion or comments to make our next festival the bomb! :

piggysmarket@organic.com , 905-123-5675.

How was the landform region formed?

The Great Lake was formed about 20,000 years ago when the Earth's climate warmed up and ice sheets separated.

Glaciers that were 2 miles thick were so heavy and powerful that it dug into the Earth's surface to create lakes.  

The Great Lake landscape is perfect for farming and provides flat land, and moist soil. There is also the Hudson Bay, and James Bay. There are also many Kingston Mountain Bike trails too!


Some animals that can be found in Kingston, Ontario are the Bald Eagle, Black Widow Spider, Common Garter Snake, Flying Squirrel, Pacific Loon, Moose, and Black Bears, Wolves and etc...

Why would the animals live there? The different seasons, and climate make it appropriate and adaptable for the animals that choose to live in Kingston. There is snow, rain, sun, and heat.

Our farm provides fresh, and organic fruits and veggies such as, beans, beets, herbs, carrots, kale, cucumbers, and etc... But wait!

Kingston not only grows awesome fruits and veggies, we also have trees! We have the Hawthorn, Red Maple, Red Oak, Red Pine, Eastern White Cedar trees, and etc..

Why  buy Organic?

Why should you choose organic products? They're more expensive and hard to find! Well, it doesn't have to be that hard. Choosing organic, you reduce your exposure to chemicals such as pesticides.

What are pesticides? Pesticides are a deadly chemical used to spray on your fruits/vegetables to kill insects.

Did you know that pesticides, and hormone implants are banned in Europe because it was considered a cancer hazard? Also, the non-organic foods you buy could also be causing global warming. The trucks that have to drive use a lot of gas and pollutes the air while driving.

How? The fruits and vegetables are shipped from another country and takes about a few weeks to get to their destination. Meanwhile, they were frozen before they were even ready to be eaten.

Local Farmers:

Why buy local produce? First, it tastes better. It has not lost it's flavor due to the process of travelling and its better for your health. Fruits, vegetables, and grains are freshly picked and harvested. They are not sprayed with any chemicals or pesticides. It's safe, and they can be trusted because you know where your food is coming from.

Buying local produce also supports local families. The prices that the farmer's put their produce for are low, and affordable.

Another reason for buying local is that it helps the environment. How? Well managed-farms use fertile soil, and protect water sources.


Kingston carries awesome weather! During our festival (July 1 - 4), that would be the hottest time of the year for us. Make sure to wear loose, and light clothing along with sunscreen and etc... The average temperature ranges from 13° - 20 °. Also remember to bring your own reusable water bottle to be more Eco-friendly.


What can you even do at our festival? We have so many activities, you'll never be bored! There are activities we provide such as apple picking, and apple bobbing. It's fresh, organic and free of charge with your $6 (or $10) ticket!

Another activity is farming, bring your friends and family to experience the farming life (tools are provided).

The next activity you can do is feeding the animals, what's more fun than feeding the farm animals right out of your hands! They're cute, friendly, and they'll make you smile!

More activities!

We have many stations for kids. We have game and educational stations. Educational stations and programs are fun and great for you and/or your kid's learning.

Our educational program provides great information about geography (land forms, farming, vegetation, animals, etc...).

Our game center is great for fun too! Each of our games rewards with prizes!


Are you looking for a fun place to finish off your volunteer hours? Come to Piggy's Organic Farm and Market! We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner with a free of charge when you sign up to help us! Help us farm, and get ready for the festival! For more information, check out our website: www.piggysorganic.com

For anymore information, or if you have any questions or concerns please contact us at

FAX: 905-623-3443                                            EMAIL: piggysmarket@organic.com

TEL: 905-123-5675                                             SITE: www.piggysorganic.com

ADDRESS: 56 Organic Drive L3R 4C7

                    Ontario, Kingston

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