Ripper By Stefan Petrucha

Are the Whitechapel murders back? In the book ‘Ripper’ by ‘Stefan Petrucha’, the young investigator Carver Young tries to find his father with the help of the retired detective Hawkings.

Jack the Ripper is back. Jack the ripper killed originally five people in Whitechapel, London. However, he mysteriously disappeared for eight years. Before he mysteriously disappeared he sent letters and parts of the victim to the police under the context of always saying “Boss”.

Carver Young is an orphan with a lot of skill picking locks. However, when he picks the wrong lock he finds a letter dating back eight years from his father. He then sends the letter to the head detective Roosevelt in hopes that he will help him find his father. His letter however was not able to reach Roosevelt but instead was intercepted by “New Pinkertons” a private detective agency. The person who intercepted his letter was Septimus Tudd but the best investigator there is the retired detective Hawkings. Hawkings set up a test for him to see if he was a good investigator and when he passed, Hawkings decided to ‘adopt’ him and help him find his father by giving him hints on where to look.

Although this book is really good, there are a few bad points. When I say a few, I really mean a few. The only bad thing is that it is very slow but that isn’t even that bad because it adds suspense.

In all, people who like murder mysteries are the people I recommend to read the book Ripper. And also people who can’t imagine the body parts sent to the police. I give this book a 5 out of 5, which means It is one of the best books that I have ever read.

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