The Glass Castle

By: Ian Mcneeley



All through the book, Rex had hope for making the glass castle with the gold they'd find. The castle would provide for his family, and off the road for once. He constantly kept his family hoping and believing that one day they'd all live in the castle.

self reliance

All through the book the whole family kept themselves and each other alive. They never sought help or beg for money. They always made food, cloths, transportation, and own medical treatment all by themselves.


Introduction- The glass castle is about Jeannette Wall's life and family's struggles across the united states.

                                                           Rising Action

Rex, the father of the family is setting the goal of making the money to build the glass castle. He has the blue prints, and plans thought out for it, but sets off to find gold.


The climax in the glass castle is when Maureen becomes mentally unstable, and the whole family argues who's fault it was.

                                                           Falling Action

Jeannette moves out to new york, with the 3 other kids soon to follow, Then her mom and dad move with her to be a family again. After a little bit Rex and Rose claimed to have found a house, but Jeanette only found out they hadn't, and her father is dying.


After the death of her father, they stayed in new york, Brian and Jeannette started thier own lives and family's, Maureen lived in California where shed always wanted to live. And Rose became the leader of the rest of the remaining squatters.


Jeannette- She is the narrator, Shes motivated by the hope her dad gives her for the future glass castle. She is an important character because she tells the family's whole story, the hardships and highs, and her realistic point of view she experienced.

Rex- He is the father, and wife. He is motivated by his blue prints, and the idea of the glass castle. He is a important character because he keeps the family going in tough times, and provides.

Rose-  She took care of the family, She is motivated by her art. it gives her life meaning. the mom is important because she keeps the family together even though times were tough.

Jeannette and her siblings moved here, and her mother and father soon followed to complete their family again. Rex soon dies after the move.

The walls lived here temporarily looking for gold to fund the glass castle build.

Maureen was born here

They moved here to live in the house rose inherited from her mom.

Here, the two film makers approached Lori and tells her she has a talent, and should go to new york.


"if you dont want to sink, you better learn to swim" pg 66

Rex is teaching Jeannette to swim and is letting her choose to sink or swim. By only getting her after she cant struggle anymore, Jeannette learns to paddle to stay afloat and not be thrown back in.

"were not poor" pg 121

When the walls break down and get a ride from the stranger, Jeannette is bothered at how the lady was talking to them as if they were poor. Jeannette strongly states how they were not poor, and learns how to be assertive. 


At the beginning Jennet gets severly when cooking hot dogs, and is put in the hospital. While in the hospital her dad Rex takes her and runs out.

While at battle mountain, there is the green lantern,

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