Circulatory System

The Best System In The Body!

In the Circulatory System there is the lungs, heart, blood and blood vessels. One of the most important systems in your body, without it you would basically be dead.

The Lungs

Lungs: Major source of breathing, located on both sides of the heart, major principal function is to transport oxygen from the atmosphere into the blood stream.

"Trendy Spot" - The trendy spot in the lungs would be the Air Way where you can feel the air enter your lungs and have fun while it functions.

Dangers - There could be sources of tobacco in the lungs or pollution from the outside world.

Locations - In the lungs there are several locations that would be known as fun attractions.

Air Way: The Air Way is the trendy spot that most people like to visit while they are in the lungs. You stand close to the entrance of the oxygen as it is pushed into the lungs, getting pushed back with the force of the oxygen.

Bouncy Walls: The Bouncy Walls are located on the bottom of the lungs, where the muscle would be considered a "trampoline" and the oxygen held inside of the lungs keep you floating in air until the next rotation, which pushes you back towards the bottom of the lungs until you bounce back up.

1-Way Trip: The one way trip begins the next stop of the "Circulatory System" tour, which leads you along with the oxygen to the heart.

The Heart

Heart- Pumps blood throughout the whole body, sending oxygen through, basically the main source of your existence.

"Trendy Spot" - In the heart you have several locations, although this is considered for adults, the Dance Party that is hosted every night in the middle of the heart is the place to go for your girls/guys night out.

Dangers- There could be a heart attack while you are in there, clotting, no oxygen (basically clotting), heart failure.

Locations- The heart has several fun locations, the heart is for everyone, although some places have restrictions.

Blood Whirlpool: Have you ever wanted to go swimming in blood? This would be the spot for you, it's basically a pool of blood, instead of water, that moves around like a whirlpool. (Family, Dangerous.)

Dance Party: The middle of the heart is a nice place to hold a dance at, with the heart basically acting like a 'bass.' (Adults only.)

Laser Tag: Stand in the field for a laser tag battle, except instead of lasers you use blood. Bet you've never shot blood at your opponent. This is a harmless game that is a fun-filled adventure and a once-in-a-lifetime experience! (All.)


Blood- Blood is a specialized bodily fluid, a necessary substance. Transports waste products away from those same cells. Circulated around the body through blood vessels by the pumping action of the heart.

"Trendy Spot" - The White Blood Cell Watching is a favorite among the tourists who have explored this system, another once in a lifetime experience that you may never see up close again.

Dangers- Clotting, white blood cells mistaking you for a disease, platelets pushing you up towards the skin. Illness traveling through the bloodstream.

Locations- The journey of blood is a long, exciting adventure that keeps you on the edge of your seat, loading for this tour begins in the heart, the blood cells are the "tour busses." (All.)

Lazy Blood River: Switch to a more slow speed and travel through a section of the blood vessel that's made for this slow travel. Traveling down the vessels at a leisurely pace.

White Cell Watching: If someone were to look off to the sides of the vessel you might be able to catch white blood cells attacking a disease, getting a once in a life-time chance.

The Platelet Games: Watch the platelets race to clot an open wound from the skin.

Blood Slide: A slide in the vessel that is the exact opposite of the Lazy Blood River, to where you slide down the tube at fast paces, a tour bus waiting at the end to pick up the adventurers.  

Blood Pool: At the end of the blood slide you land in a pool of blood, or, you can hop off the tour bus (they will give you the option) to swim through the blood, the bus waiting at the end of the blood slide will also finish you through the tour.

Blood Vessels

Blood Vessels- Arteries, capillaries, veins.

*Arteries include most of the previous things listed in the blood section.

"Trendy Spot" - The arteries because that's where the oxygenated blood goes through and the most interesting spot.

Dangers - Clotting.

Locations - This area basically includes the blood topic, because the blood travels through the blood vessels.

The End Point: This would be the last stop, once you pass the oxygenation areas you will go into the deoxygenated areas, which will lead you back to the heart.

The lungs, if you don't know what those look like
The heart, everyone should know what this looks like.
Blood traveling through the blood vessel.

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