Siddhartha Project - Trevor Rocklein

My Journey

Youngest Child:      I grew up being the youngest of three. This made me feel less important and not as intelligent, although I knew my parents loved me I feel like they loved my siblings more. I disliked everything my brother and sister did and I always tried to one up them

Back to the right path:      Wrestling is the reason my life has changed, without it I am sure I would be still in the wrong part of my life. I believe if I wasn't doing well in wrestling I would not be happy and I would still be doing many wrong things. Don't get me wrong I still make the mistakes the every-day high-schooler does, but they are not as serious and I am able to deal with them better because of the sport.

I chose to do the journey because I thought it would be one of the best ways to describe myself and the troubles that have came to my life. I definitely couldn't have done the book of love because I don't really know what love could be at this young age.

Poem: Sonnet

My Song



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