Career Research Project

Callie Miller

Professional Requirements

  • Need to be a passionate animal lover
  • Need to be able to work well with others
  • Can't be afraid to get dirty
  • Need to be comfortable around the sight of blood
  • Must know how to give shots and restrain animals

Education Requiements

  • Need to take a lot of science and math classes in High School
  • Must attend around 4 1/2 years of undergraduate school
  • Can get masters degree or PhD before attending vet school, usually go through an internship while earning degree
  • Go to a Veterinary school to receive your DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) or your VMD (Veterinary Medical Doctor)

Iowa State University

Iowa State University is ranked in the top 25 for best Veterinary schools in the United States. Iowa State has a lot of majors to offer among all these majors the top three include Engineering, Business/Marketing, and Agriculture. The average tuition and fees for a student attending Iowa State is around $7,726. They offer many vet programs such as Vet tech programs, Pre-Veterinary preparation, DVM and VMD programs.

Words to Live By

FFA Motto: Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve.

These are words I live by because it is a simple way to state what life it about. It helps to express how we learn things to help us better what we are trying to accomplish in life. I also think it is very important to help out others and living to serve is a key way to express this.

My Role Model

        My role model is not just one person. My role models would be my three older brothers. I have looked up to them from day one. They have always put others before themselves, helped out with our family, are very responsible, well mannered, and always have a good time. They have never put themselves before others and are always very respectful to everyone.

          Nick my oldest brother went through high school put himself through college and is now happily married with a great job. Shane graduated from high school and joined the United States Navy to serve his country and help out others everywhere. Jacob just recently graduated high school and is in college and working too.  They have always supported me and been there when I need them for these reasons they will always be my role models.


I chose to read an article on my job because Vets are always busy so I knew it would be hard to get  a time to contact one in town to interview. There are many job opportunities in the Veterinary Medicine field one of these includes a Zoo Veterinarian. Dr. Carlos Sanchez describes his day as "It is not 9 to 5. I always say “Routine is never routine.” Seriously, this morning we had a procedure on an Alpaca: that is a South American camel. And then maybe I need to go check a Lion later on. And then someone will call me because one of the fish is looking sick" (Sanchez 1). Veterinarians have very chaotic jobs. They never face the same thing every day. Veterinarians must prepare for the unexpected. Becoming a vet would be a great job for someone who does not want to do the same thing over and over again everyday. Granted you may do a lot of the same routine surgeries everyday but you will always have those unexpected emergency's too.

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