Nat Holman

Mr. Basketball

Nat Holman aka Mr. Basketball was born October 19, 1896 in New York City, NY. He studied at New York University, then later played pro basketball and was as a member of the Original Celtics in the 1920s. Holman's became a coach after he retired from the Original Celtics. He coached the City College of New York Beavers from 1919 to 1960, and CCNY. Holman also won both the NCAA and NIT championship tournaments in 1950. After he retired, Holman was initiated into the Basketball Hall of Fame on 1 October 1964. He spent his later years as president of the United States Committee of Sports for Israel. His final years were spend at Hebrew Home for the aged (nursing home in Bronx) and died February 12, 1995, of natural causes.

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