Safe & Secure

   The districts AUP is mean to protect our accounts and personal information. It also let's US not log into someone elses stuff or their personal info. Here are three key points of our districts AUP:


   "Technological Ownership" means that anything that has to do with technology (in the school) belongs to the school, and that all computers, printers etc. belongs to ACA.

   Whatever copies of something we've made (students) we can take them but copies may be used for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES.


   If we have an account on computers in the school, we shall only log into our accounts and not someone elses. We are also responsible for our accounts and will take all precautions to keep it from being hacked or used by anyone other than yourself. Students will aslo notify staff members such as teachers if they think the've spotted a security problem.

   We wil also not (intentionally) introduce viruses into the computers or anything that will cause the computers to malfunction and if any of our files are not working we will contact a faculty or staff member to help.

   We also know that any electronic devices can be searched by school staff without warning or notice. I will also refrain from using devices that mask my use of school resources.


   I will help to creatie a postive atmoshpere around students and teachers and when in the classroom, by letting those use the echnology of ACA for academic use ONLY. I will respect the work and privacy of my fellow peers, I will use my applications, e-mail accounts and network space for appropriate school use only, I will not vandalize, spoil or break any of ACA's technology equipment, use computers for commercial or political reasons, not use equipment without permission from a teacher, or install any files or apps that may seem harmful to th hardware/ software.

  These are just some of the important rules to follow of th District AUP. And please, have a nice day!!!