Mary Wollstonecraft

Occupation: Novelist, Mother, Wife,Revolutioanary, Womens Rights Actavist

Birthday-Deathday: April 27, 1759 in Hoxton, England- September 10th, 1797 in Londen, United Kingdom.

Hometown: Yorkshire

Facts: She was trained to just be a housewife, but she started to prove to her parents that she was ment for something more, so she got her own job and started to read more philosofical book. she met her first husbaned in Paris and had a child, who sadly died. her first husbaned left her later, and she became depressed. Her friend became ill, so Mary went to Irland. She later remarried and had a child. She died a few days after she had the second child. Her second child was to wright Frankenstin.

She wrote the first documented of the modern feminisr movment. She was married twice.

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