Teaching tackk

Next Scroll Down to "Get Started"

Select Presentation - for today :)

For today you are going to select Presentation

Changing the Way it Looks

When we get here I'll Give ya 5 minutes to make some changes

Only Change the First 3 Buttons

Adding Content

You can add a wide assortment of content

1. Headlines

2. Text

3. Images

4. Video

5. Music

6. Buttons

7. Maps

8. And some other stuff you will probably not need in elementary school :)

The Add Content Bar

In order to add content simply click on the button of the content you would like to add.

Headlines (The big words)

Text (The small words)



The Audio Button we will Skip Today

The Button Button

This will add a button that you can use to link to an internet URL instantly

You can even add a map

You can link and embed a webpage

This is done using the Media button.

Ready to Give it a Go?

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